Introducing the Tapo P100

The TP-Link Tapo P100 Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket is a compact and efficient smart plug that offers a convenient way to control your devices remotely. With its small size and unobtrusive design, it can easily fit into any double socket without obstructing other outlets.


What we liked

The Tapo P100 is easy to use and doesn’t soak up alot of space.
The app is very user-friendly and makes it accessible for anyone to use.
The prices makes it easy for anyone to have all their devices set up and linked together.

What we didn’t like

One minor drawback of the Tapo P100 is that it uses a different app, called Tapo, compared to TP-Link’s Kasa range of products. If you already have other TP-Link smart home devices, this means you’ll need to manage them separately using different apps, which can be a bit inconvenient. Additionally, the Tapo products are not compatible with Samsung SmartThings, unlike the Kasa products.


Overall, the TP-Link Tapo P100 Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket offers a reliable and affordable option for controlling your devices remotely. With its small size, excellent app, and compatibility with popular voice assistants, it provides a seamless smart home experience. Despite the minor inconvenience of using a separate app, the Tapo P100 delivers on its promises and offers good value for the price.

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